Frequently Asked Questions...

I upgraded my account, but it still says I'm free - what can I do?

Most of the time it's as simple as logging out and then back in again!

However, sometimes you'll need to update your receipt ID on the account page.

If you're still unable to activate your upgrade fill out the form below and let us know your username and receipt ID and we will make things right!

I have my own website can I use a code instead of your links?

Yes, Trakn was made with the cyber genius in mind! After you create your trakn link click to view the details and you'll find an 'advanced' section with javascript you can add to your website.

However, we also provide the option of using link masking or you can still have people land directly on your site.

How can I remove the "Trakn Frame" that is on my links?

That is how we "mask" your URL, many marketers prefer that method...but, to remove this simply turn off the "mask URL" option in the advanced options of your pages - this can be done while creating the page initially, or at any time by editing the page.

How many links can I have?

There are packages to fit EVERY budget and can have unlimited links at the top level, and you can even have 2 links for free so you can test us out!

How many accounts per household?

Since we offer a free version that allows you to create 2 pages, 1 rotator, and 1 campaign we have a STRICT one account per household policy - we will block anyone who attempts to 'cheat the system' by creating multiple accounts. If you log in and see our warning message, please go to your 'account page' and delete your second account imediately.

What can I track with Trakn?

We made this originally for we've given you all the tracking power we wanted!

You will be able to create campaigns to track your visitors from ANY advertising source you wish!

You can see total hits, unique hits, conversions, income generated, geographic location by country, operating system and browser, you can even do split testing with our rotator!

Can I earn commissions as a free member?

YES! We use ClickBank™ as for our affiliate program, so all you need is a free affiliate account with them. Click Here to learn more about our affiliate program.

How do I cancel my Account?

Simply fill out the form below and in the question say "cancel my account" and we will take care of everything for you, if you have paid please ensure you've given us 3 business days to complete your request before your next payment goes through.

Since we offer a free version automatically when you start we do not give refunds simply because "you didn't like it" or "it wasn't what you expected". If you have paid please provide proof that Trakn didn't work for you if you'd like a refund.

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